Month One…Done!!

It’s a gloomy, but well needed rainy day here in Stellenbosch. Waking up to dark skies and the pitter patter of rain on the windows made me want to stay snuggled in bed with a warm coffee for the rest of the day. Instead, my morning entailed having breakfast with my friend Sasa at Meraki--the... Continue Reading →

My First Week in Stellenbosch

Hello my lovely readers!  So I’ve been in Stellenbosch for about a week and half now, and all I can say is WOW!!! Before coming here I could only dream about the things I’ve experienced. Actually carrying them out and getting familiar with the area has been surreal to me. I finally got Internet access... Continue Reading →


  Today I was finishing my yoga practice with a little free style or "play time" to work on some more advance poses I've been trying to get into for weeks. The instructor made an empowering comment, "No toxic thoughts if you're not there yet. It gives you something to work for and look forward... Continue Reading →

Everyone needs a little vacation

     I am currently in the midst of my mini (six week) summer which of course called for a mini vacation! This past weekend I drove up to Maine to visit my boyfriend, James and his family for a wonderful long weekend getaway, as well as indulging in beach and pool days this week... Continue Reading →

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