Where Has the Time Gone?

Change is a beautiful thing. It’s the inevitable while growing up, we all evolve into the people we were meant to become. We tend to hesitate to change, maybe even get scared—it’s just too darn comfortable being familiar with life sometimes. I get why routines can be nice. Before going abroad I thought having a... Continue Reading →


The Amatola Trail: My Six Day Journey

Last Friday may have been the last day of classes, but it was the start of the most enjoyable adventure I’ve had in my life—the Amatola Trail. The trail is a six day, five night hiking expedition starting in Madem Dam and ending near Hogsback (all in the Eastern Cape). Stretching over 100 km of... Continue Reading →

Finding My Balance

Waking up to the first sunny day since last week has got me feeling happy and warmer than usual. I definitely believe in seasonal depression, and dark rainy days can make a girl pretty gloomy. Regardless, I’ve been a busy bee making sure I’m ready for my hiking trip next week! In two days I... Continue Reading →

An Afrikaan Hiking Weekend

Hallo! Last time I wrote was just before the Hermanus Whale Festival and man, what an awesome day that was! We drove almost two hours down to the coast of Hermanus to watch the whales swim by the shore (there were so many!) as well as walk around the town trying out food vendor trucks... Continue Reading →

What A Time To Be Alive

Hello my amazing readers! Before writing this post I spent some time video chatting with my friend Marg, who was in my shoes almost two years ago. She too was one of the few from Lasell that was brave enough to come study abroad in South Africa. It’s crazy to think that I can share... Continue Reading →

Being Selfish is Okay

The past week has been pretty low-key compared to the previous week on holiday. I needed time to recuperate and get back to reality as classes started up again. It’s coming to the point where I’m halfway through my time in South Africa, and I’m starting to get homesick. However, I’m keeping myself occupied with... Continue Reading →

It’s Been Awhile…

Term four starts tomorrow. Apologies for not posting for the past few weeks. I was dealing with three big papers all due in the same week, and just got back from a week-long vacation with limited internet. All I can say now is it feels so good to write again. So much has been going... Continue Reading →

Month One…Done!!

It’s a gloomy, but well needed rainy day here in Stellenbosch. Waking up to dark skies and the pitter patter of rain on the windows made me want to stay snuggled in bed with a warm coffee for the rest of the day. Instead, my morning entailed having breakfast with my friend Sasa at Meraki--the... Continue Reading →

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