Today I was finishing my yoga practice with a little free style or “play time” to work on some more advance poses I’ve been trying to get into for weeks. The instructor made an empowering comment, “No toxic thoughts if you’re not there yet. It gives you something to work for and look forward to.”

I thought about what she meant and agreed that it’s easy to give in to negative thoughts, especially about myself. However, with dedication and positive energy the hardest challenges can be overcome. It feels so much better to finish something that I worked on for a long time, versus not finishing at all and wondering what could have been.


Aside from yoga, this is very true in everyday life. Complaining that something isn’t going as planned will not fix anything. It may soothe the mind temporarily, but the issue is still at hand. It’s the overall ambition and taking initiative in finding true satisfaction. People don’t remember those who whine and cry about things, they remember the person who will try to fix or fight through something they don’t like. Getting perspective on things and having a good attitude will help tackle adversity. Like my parents tell me, “If you do your best no one can argue with that!”

But here’s something people talk about a lot, but rarely practice: gratitude

I have been feeling a lot of gratitude as I get ready to leave for South Africa in a week. Between seeing old friends from home and school, getting to spend a day at the beach with family, and even getting to see my boyfriend despite the 4 hour drive. Sure some plans this summer haven’t gone the way I wanted them to, but I think about what I DO have which is just as amazing!

Got my favorite–salad pizza from Naples in Farmington! Definitely something I will miss while I’m gone.

Without all of these people and places I like to call ‘home’ I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have tremendous amounts of gratitude that I get to travel to another country and explore for 5 months. I know I will carry lessons and memories from the US with me, as well as an open mind to adopt new ideas and thoughts!

xx, Megan


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